This argument is so old and overdone it’s just downright boring

Being listed on the NYSE does not mean you want to do business with the company. How long was Enron listed as a stock?

Showing growth is a tricky thing. How is growth defined? Does it mean gross or net income? Does it mean having one more member this quarter than last quarter? Just what does it mean?

$450 million just means they’ve found a lot of people like you who accept everything they’re told because they want to be wealthy and are so in need of believing they’ll be wealthy that they’re willing to believe whatever someone tells them. Again, how much money did Enron make per year? It was in the billions, but only those at the top made money. Amount of income doesn’t prove a thing, but it sounds good in a sales pitch.

You want to believe it because if this isn’t what you think it is, it means you won’t be wealthy in a few years and you’re going to just have to keep working at your regular job.

And the first speech George Bush gave after leaving office was for QS. That doesn’t mean anything other than that what PPL has presented to those AGs looks good. If they’re on the council that does not mean PPL follows their instructions or advice. Have you ever talked to someone on an advisory council? Often they have a limited view of the company and are only focusing on what they’re presented with. The trick is to just present them with info that makes the company look good. This is a form of a logical fallacy called “appeal to authority.”

It’s the same situation with Scientology. John Travolta and Tom Cruise both see a completely different organization than the average Joe who joins up. The stars are wined and dined but the average person is expected to pay all kinds of fees and spend a lot of money, which is what makes the people at the top wealthy.

And is one of those 4 former AGs Elliot Spitzer? That’s a legitimate point. At any one time there are 50 AGs in this country, but with election turn over I know there are 4 former ones in VA alone that are still in the area. Those are just the ones I’m aware of over the past 16-20 years, which means there are even more. When you project that out to 50 states and people living into their 70s and 80s, that would mean it’s safe to say there’s 150-200 or even more living former AGs alive in this country.

4 are with PPL. Are these 4 ones with sterling reputations or ones that are known for taking whatever position pays well? Can you even name which 4 and are you sure it’s 4 that have never been indicted?

Oh, and I’m just working with state AGs. Some cities have a position of AG and some might call it by another name, but once you include cities and counties, the number of former AGs soars. The more there are, the easier it is to get a few that are willing to take a paycheck and not get too involved.

Can you even name the 4 AGs on the PPL Advisory Council?

Team up? How do you mean “team up?” This is another fallacy. It’s a misrepresentation of facts. For instance, let me tell you about another MLM that I refer to as QS. They say, “IBM and Microsoft partnered with us to create this site that millions of people use.”

That’s actually a complete misrepresentation of the whole story. By saying they “partnered with us”, the MLM is telling people, “We’re legit because big companies are working with us as partners.” In truth what happened is that QS PAID Microsoft and IBM to build up the websites for them. Yes, they PAID them to perform a service and since IBM was getting paid, they were happy to take Windows and build a website for QS. There was no partnership. There was just a customer and a vendor. The customer (QS) paid the vendor (IBM and indirectly Microsoft) to build the site.

If you do your research, you’ll find the same with Kroll. PPL pays them for services, but says, “They’ve partnered with us.”

Now here’s a question I have for you: Had you ever heard of Kroll before you joined PPL? Did you know who they were? Can you tell me why, if this is a partnership and something Kroll is doing that they’re proud of, why a search of their site (through their search engine or through Google) does not show any hits for PPL?

And yes, you are shooting back. You feel the questions are legit because they’re the points that were used to convince you to join. It’s all standard MLM-speak and nothing that anyone who’s been on this board a long time hasn’t seen or heard from a half dozen MLMs. It’s the same kind of sales pitch told over and over by PPL, Arbonne, QS, and many others.