That’s exactly the point

And it’s a case of projection: When you think you’re right and people bring up points that prove you wrong and you’re getting emotional about it, then you tell others they’re getting emotional. In psychology it’s called projection and that’s what’s going on here. George came in here, trying to make nice and pretend like he was asking for information, just as he was taught to do when prospecting, and instead of everyone saying, “Oh, yes, PPL is one of the good ones,” we hit him with the truth.

The truth? Well some people can’t handle the truth. George is one of them. He’s so sure he’s right that he never has dealt directly with points I’ve made (even in posts awaiting moderation). He’s dealt with some issues, but has conveniently ignored my point about all the sites talking about PPL as a scam or fraud.

What gets me is that he was so eager to try to recruit that he didn’t bother to read the docs he was told to on joining the group. If he had, he would never have posted here.

I can feel the sympathy, but only when a person listens to other points of view and wakes up. I’ve spent my life making sure I deal with all the facts, even if I don’t like them, so I have no sympathy for someone who listens to only what they want to hear, even if it’s because of this type of brainwashing. In his case he’s where he is because heonly paid attention to the research that told him what he wanted to hear.

Within the next year or so, when he realizes he’s not making money and even losing it, he’ll remember this and be rather ticked off because then he’ll see we were right.