So after reading everything and understanding now that

pretty much everyone here has failed at some MLM company or another I understand why I received the reaction I got from you all. So thanks for your opinions, I dont mind them at all, what I will do though because you are all so convinced I will fail in 1 year than I will reply back to the blog 1 year from now. I have it in my outlook calendar as a reminder to go ahead and reply back with how successful I was.

As for proof, I dont mind sending you an email with a screenshot of my deposits in my bank account, I have nothing to hide. Of Course there are expenses by my deposits outweigh my expenses. But as upset everyone in here seems to be you will get my screenshot in the email and think I photoshopped it so its no bother to me.

I understand people will try things and fail, no worries. People can find faults in everything, some people even think they find faults in the Bible but does that make it false? No! Not saying PPL is anything like the Bible, dont misunderstand me folks, but I am saying if you truly look hard enough you can find anything about everything to help your side of the story, good or bad. Good luck to you all in whatever business, whether it be corporate or you find a home business, and God bless.

I will not reply back to this post until next year.