Okay maybe its me but you seem pretty upset about MLM companies

I see that you have done your research and I am glad. Everything you have said I already know, I looked at Pre Paid Legal for over a year before I joined. No biggy though I still joined because yes i believe in the company and I believed everything they told me. I also know that I have spent a couple hundred dollars already and made a couple thousand. So to me so far its good, and like i said in the beginning I was not trying to recruit anybody so I really dont mind what you say whether it be no or yes and i read every word even though you are saying NO.

Making assumptions of me because of one post i feel is pretty unneccessary and was not expecting that especially after reading the rules here. I guess I was wrong about this group.

The wills, your will is done for the primary member for free and his/her spouse for $20 and updated yearly for free with your membership. Now if you do your research and find that getting a will done by an attorney (that you dont personally know) will cost you anywhere from $250-$500. PPl Membership $26 per month over a year is $312. I am pretty sure just getting my will done is enough to cover the cost of my membership fees.

About Kroll Background America, yes i did hear about them before PPL. Attorney Generals names Duke R. Ligon, Grant Woods, Andrew P. Miller, Mike Moore (look them up). Yup I know those names too.

“By the way, in sales or persuasion speeches or writing, one of the worst things you can do is ask a question people can say “No” to.”

Didnt really matter if you said no or not sir.

$800,000 a year for a large firm is like $8 a month to me. It’s diddly. It’s nothing.

Its not per year its $800,000 a month and if that amount of money per month is like $8 than more power to you. God Bless your amazing fortune.

I find it quite unsettling that someone would need to consult a lawyer that frequently.

Well then sir I am quite glad you are not my attorney because then you would be upset with me finding out what my rights are in different situations.