Maybe you should tell us what the forum is about

I am under the impression it is to allow MLM survivors a say about their experiences with mlm so the rest of us can avoid losing money to programs that don’t work, or to find a good one that does work. If I am wrong, why would the blog be doing this? Poeple are being recruited daily by mlm companies, and with very lucrative propositions, and the economy is bad, people are losing jobs and need to find or make a job. They are using their last pay checks for pie in the sky jobs that don’t produce what they say. I would hope this blog is about that. If not please visit and find out about your company and make a better choice. Just remember one or two bad reports may be just that, however a lot of bad reports should be a clue. You can also check with your attorney generals office and see what they have to say. The BBB is a joke. However the federal trade comission is bad
news to crooks too. Use your tax paid entities to make wise decisions. I want to thank this blog for their input, and to hope they keep reporting bad deals to the hopeful mlm recruits.