I own my own business and most of my clients are lawyers

and I’ve had to deal with lawyers in terms of set up and so on. Also my Father died about 15 months ago without a will and had enough assets that we had to deal with not just one but several lawyers to process as much as we could and to not let 45% of large parts of it go to Uncle Sam. (Over a certain amount, there’s an inheritance tax of 45%.)

In the past few years I’ve learned a lot about lawyers. We’ve had people post info about PPL before. We’ve also had people here report that PPL didn’t provide lawyers for situations where they were supposed to provide a lawyer according to contract.

I would not want a lawyer who depends on PPL for income. A good lawyer won’t need them to bring in clients and one that does is either just starting out in their field or not doing well enough to get clients in other ways. Almost by definition, then, a lawyer willing to work for PPL is going to be less than average in skills.

Whether that’s true or not, here’s point to consider, and it boils down to “you get what you pay for.” Any lawyer has spent tens of thousands on his/her legal education (or their parents spent that money). They’ve worked hard and are going to want to make a good salary.
Contrary to popular belief, just because someone is a lawyer does not mean they’re greedy. The lawyers I know are all “good people” and work hard for their money.

When you factor in what a lawyer is going to charge in a case and compare that to what they will get handling a case from PPL, personally, if my butt is on the line and I could lose money or need someone to represent me in traffic or criminal court, I want a lawyer that will do his/her best for me.

I get that by hiring someone myself, not by counting on some group to give me a lawyer that they pick and appoint according to who is in rotation or who they think is the best. I want to interview the lawyers I can choose from and pick the best person in that field of law that I can afford, not someone who’s willing to do cases for a company that, quite simply, is not paying as much as they could.

Sure, you’ll make money off of people that think it’s a good idea, but how will you feel you found out that someone who counted on PPL to provide a lawyer when they needed one either didn’t get a lawyer or didn’t get a good one and didn’t have the money to get the lawyer they needed because they’ve been paying for PPL all along?

Other than for wills and similar situations, most people never need a lawyer unless they are involved in a speeding ticket or something similar. My understanding, which may be wrong, is that PPL won’t cover helping with wills or with creating a corporation. So the chances of Joe Average actually needing the services PPL provides is about as slim a chance as they have of getting hit by lightning or bitten by a shark at the beach.

Yes, we can buy insurance for almost everything bad that can happen to us, but if we do, we’ll never have money to save up and to move forward financially.