I have several online friends who belong to Affiliates Share

They reported their deposited amounts of money were doubling and tripling within days. These monies were accrued from advertising. You could roll over your money and make more and more and more !

So, i joined. My deposit was to come from paypal or credit card. I completed the form using $100 from paypal. i never received a confirmation from Paypal.

So, i did it again but dropped the money down to $50. Still no confirmation.

So, I did it a third time via credit card for $50. Next thing I get a confirmation that all the funds were now mysteriously received and accepted. So now I’m in to them for $200.

They have refused to give me my $200 investment back. My open ticket from last week is still open.

My question is: has anyone made any money from this program or is it truly a scam? What means do I take to report them? How else can I get my initial investment back ?