Here are a couple of misconceptions

first thank you for those statistics I do appreciate that. But if PrePaid Legal is not good than can you answer me how it is publicly traded on the NYSE and have 14 consecutive quarters of continuous growth and also hit over 450 million dollars in revenue last year. Also did you know that there are 4 former attorney generals on the advisory council for PrePaid Legal? What about Kroll Background America? would you agree that they are the Worlds leading risk management company? And that identity theft is becoming the #1 crime in America if not the world today? Why would Kroll team up with Pre Paid Legal if they didnt think the lawyers were any good? I am not shooting back sir, I am asking questions I feel are legit, questions actually that have been asked to me, questions I have asked myself.

The misconception i was talking about with lawyers. You do get what you pay for you are absolutely right. And the thing with Pre Paid Legal we have some of the best law firms in each state money can buy. When you are talking about some states having say 100,000 memberships and that law firm is getting 1/3 of each monthly membership you are looking at say $800,000 a month for that law firm whether people use the services or not. Say you have 100 lawyers in that firm I would have to think that these lawyers are getting paid very handsomely.

Pre Paid Legal is like preventive maintenance to law. I personally have used the consultation 6 times in my short time with Pre paid, and honestly to me that alone is worth my membership. Basically because I do not know the law and I do not have the luxury of knowing attorneys, I wish I did though, So finding out my rights in a situation is priceless to me. Some people dont care honestly.

Last thing, PPL does cover everything under title 5 of your membership, which entitles you to a 25% discount on the lawyers hourly rates. It is not free like some people may think or may have been misled to think.

I thank you for your first response sir and value your opinion, so i look forward to your next response.