As a former Paralegal

who worked at the second largest law firm in our city…. and also worked for an attorney who worked in the three largest cities in Pennsylvania…

Good lawyers do not reccommend this service. They do not participate in this service. Law abiding citizens to not need preventative maintenance to law.

Furthermore, as others suggested, they would not put their top notch attorneys on this stuff. They’d put first year associates and interns on it.

A real estate transaction would not require so much money that you’d need to pay for the service in advance… nor would an estate plan.
If you don’t have a couple hundred dollars for these typical legal occurrances, then you shouldn’t be buying a house and you don’t have an estate to plan for.

This service is poppycosh and no attorney that I ever did work for would ever get mixed up with it. (And I worked for decent attorneys who had good ethics…. not ambulance chasers or the likes)