I know its over

when I post excerpts from the companies SEC filings to make my points and you come back with this rant.

This is a classic style of arguing that MLMers use. When you go back with facts, they try to find some reason why you are personally biased against MLMs. That explains EVERYTHING….
His point being that if people here hadn’t failed at MLMs before, they would IMMEDIATELY see the light and find that PPL is the best thing ever….

Okay, step back

There is so much wrong with that statement it’s hard to know where to begin. You came in here and asked our opinions. We gave them to you. You say you’ve researched PPL for 1 year. Combined, from the people here, you have over 100 years of experience and research on PPL and any of a number of MLMs. We know what they’re about, we’ve seen them from inside and outside.

And not all of us have even been in an MLM. I never have been a member of any MLM.

Also, did you read the documents you were asked to read when you joined? Oh, don’t bother to answer, because if you had, you would not have made some of the statements you did.

Do you think you’re the first or best person to do what you’ve did? Do you think you’re the first person to see the phrase “MLM” in this blog name and came in, pretending to ask our opinion on an MLM, hoping to recruit some of us? Do you think you are really the one exception that had the idea to come in and see if he could gain recruits from this blog?

We get several people a month that come here, ask us what we think of an MLM, then get upset if we say anything that is less than a glowing recommendation of it, just like what you’re doing. We’re used to it, we see a pattern, repeated over and over, month after month, and the same thing happens every time.

So you’re not doing anything new, anything clever, or anything original. You’re doing the same damned thing we’ve seen many times over and, to be honest, you’re not any different than the dozens of people I’ve seen do it while I’ve been here.

Now as to what kind of reception: First, do you know the purpose of this blog? If you did and had read what you were asked to read before posting, then you would not have posted. You would have known that we’re here to help those with problems in MLMs because of the abuse that is often found in them.