Have you really truly read the guidelines and summary (about page) of this blog? :)

Do you not understand that we are MLM Survivors…the MLM equivalent of AA? “Hey pal, not ALL alcohol is bad for you, come try my special good for you alcohol!”

Do you understand how many times people come here doing the same exact thing you are doing? Over and over and over again. arrggghh..its tiresome talking to you MLMers. And how does one do the research, know the facts but still believes everything the company says (which often differs from the facts)? Makes no sense.

So since you are doing so well…how about taking PW up on his challenge of PROVING (with actual documents) that you are doing so darn well?? How much do you actually profit? Since you have your own business, its not like you can just quote the total sum of the checks you’ve received as you would in a salaried job. Having your own business comes with a lot of expenses, especially in MLM.

I’m sorry but you ARE wrong about this blog if you think it was the place to come and promote how wonderful your MLM is. AND disguising it all in a “please share your opinions” type post is borderline deceptive. And as far as I could tell, no one was making assumptions about you at all…just responding based on your post, one of many that we’ve seen over and over.

I’m going to start with one SIMPLE question:

What is your purpose with your original post to this group? You’re in PPL, you say you researched it and you imply, in your first post, that you’ve been reading the posts to this group.

So, simply and honestly, if you had researched for a year and then decided to sign up, what was your reason to come here and ask the questions you did?

You say you were not trying to recruit, but what did you hope to gain by coming to this group and asking for opinions if you had already made up your mind?

When you give a complete, open, and honest answer to that, we’ll go on from there.