I know someone using clickbank as well

I think they pay for click through referrals. Here’s the catch though – You need large numbers of clickthrus to make any real money. What that means is that you need a website that draws significant traffic – not that simple. Hope that helps……

I was in Freelife before the Himalayan Goji Juice craze came to Freelife

probably came because of the Mangosteen juice MLM companies’ success. Note the lack of nutritional information on the label. Goji juice IS found in stores- the regular stores and health food stores (I saw it in BJ’s Wholesale store in my area). I wouldn’t place too much confidence with it– especially at the price Freelife is asking. They discontinued some of their other products to push the juice as helping in the areas claimed for the discontinued products. It is what they push the most, it seems, and is at the face of their website, last I checked. They really got my thumbs down when they added a ‘coral calcium’ product.
Stay free from Freelife, please. I wish there were a real opportunity in MLM, but I see none I have confidence in.

Maybe you should tell us what the forum is about

I am under the impression it is to allow MLM survivors a say about their experiences with mlm so the rest of us can avoid losing money to programs that don’t work, or to find a good one that does work. If I am wrong, why would the blog be doing this? Poeple are being recruited daily by mlm companies, and with very lucrative propositions, and the economy is bad, people are losing jobs and need to find or make a job. They are using their last pay checks for pie in the sky jobs that don’t produce what they say. I would hope this blog is about that. If not please visit rippoffreport.com and find out about your company and make a better choice. Just remember one or two bad reports may be just that, however a lot of bad reports should be a clue. You can also check with your attorney generals office and see what they have to say. The BBB is a joke. However the federal trade comission is bad
news to crooks too. Use your tax paid entities to make wise decisions. I want to thank this blog for their input, and to hope they keep reporting bad deals to the hopeful mlm recruits.

Haven’t you heard? MLM’s stink! ;)

3 seconds and a browser got me that its the “new and improved” version of Goji Berry juice from Freelife. Been there/done that – have the empty pockets to prove it. Freelife is not new..it’s typical MLM and they’ll bleed you like leeches with all their marketing tools and monthly quotas.

Other than seeing several internet ads

I am neither a sales representative, customer, distributor of the Himalayan Gochi product.
Also, from what I’ve heard about various sales programs associated with that Gochi product, it appear they are all of the MLM flavor. And, having been a former Quixtar Independent Business Owner (IBO); I quit being a Quixtar IBO as of December 2011, the thought of Gochi being associated with a MLM program leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

Best Regards

Comments anyone?

The latest MLM marketing schemes I’ve been hearing about and seeing on the internet is the marketing of himalayan Gochi.
I do not have any idea whether the marketing of Gochi is profitable (let alone lucrative), or not?

I understand from your reply above that

you are following the usual “Brainwash thinking” that MLM supplies it’s drones. “Why would you listen to losers, or people that have failed in a business? Only listen to the people that have succeded in an endeavour. Right?
The flaw in this logic is huge. You are told to follow the system so you can learn and benefit from others past mistakes. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Right? But you are told not to listen to anyone who’s failed at anything. By that logic you can’t listen to your upline because they have all failed at some point in something. Right?
Also the only people that you are taught to listen to are the ones that are making some sort of money off you from http://nowguaranteed.com guaranteed payday loans online! Right? The point isn’t that some people fail at this but that well over 99.8% of people fail at this. Have you ever asked yourself why so many fail? Why so many drop out? Why it so hard to be in that top .01%? I don’t see failure at this rate in anything I can currently think of. In my parts it is a dream for most boys to make the NHL but only a very tiny percentage do. I know of hundreds who had that dream and know of a handful that realized that dream. I know of thousands who dreamed of MLM success and know of not one of them that ever did.
I also find it very offensive that you would imply that I am a failure. I was an Amway poster boy for many years. I had my upline, my upline emeralds, my upline diamonds, and even Dexter Yeager at one point telling me that I was doing everything absolutely right and to just keep on keeping on. 7 years of massive financial losses and keep on keeping on? These people are criminals who were fleecing me. It’s funny because at the same time I was taught to tell prospective recuits that they should work on getting rid of their jobs bcause doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insane. Kind of a logical fallacy right?

My wife and I were taken in by a program called Passport to Wealth

We admit we fell for all the fancy videos and emails promising thousands of dollars each month working right from our home. We even searched for bad press on Passport to Wealth, but all of Passport to Wealth Scam sites that we found were either in support of it or supporting another business opportunity so we thought it was legitimate.

Well, soon after we joined, we found out that the products that they offered were outdated and unsupported junk. All the products were being used for was to make the company look like it was on the level. No one was actually selling these products, just trying to get more people to sign up, as that is where the income was suppose to come from.

When our sponsor started to pitch other businesses to us we really started to get suspicious and contacted the Federal Trade Commission and other Law enforcement agencies and found out that what they were doing was really illegal!

Well we wanted to fight back and we did! We made complaints to whoever would listen to us and even put up a web site and blog to let other people know of our experience and ongoing battle to recover what we could.

Let me tell you all right now, it is working! We are making progress in our fight against Passport to Wealth and the person we was our sponsor into it.

I have several online friends who belong to Affiliates Share

They reported their deposited amounts of money were doubling and tripling within days. These monies were accrued from advertising. You could roll over your money and make more and more and more !

So, i joined. My deposit was to come from paypal or credit card. I completed the form using $100 from paypal. i never received a confirmation from Paypal.

So, i did it again but dropped the money down to $50. Still no confirmation.

So, I did it a third time via credit card for $50. Next thing I get a confirmation that all the funds were now mysteriously received and accepted. So now I’m in to them for $200.

They have refused to give me my $200 investment back. My open ticket from last week is still open.

My question is: has anyone made any money from this program or is it truly a scam? What means do I take to report them? How else can I get my initial investment back ?

In theory you can

If you know anything at all about web design, you’ll make far more money as a web designer, than with that system. If don’t know anything about web design, but are good at sales, you’ll make more money working for a ISP on commission, than you will with their system. (For that matter, other than the 15 or so largest ISPs, you probably can get some type of commission, for directing new customers to your existing ISP.)